The Inside Voices Family is Getting Bigger

It’s been a little over a year since the Inside Voices Media Network was launched. We started with 3 shows: Ding & Dent, Greatway Games, and The Five By. In that year we’ve done a lot together. We participated in GenCan’t by sponsoring a game night for a lucky contest winner: we bought them food and drinks for their game group and sent them some IV swag. We invited listeners and hosts to subscribe to the Dispatch game box and chatted about it on our Facebook page. We also launched a Media Fellowship, to mentor an upcoming show and bring them into our little family.

More important than those activities, however, has been the people we’ve added to the Network. Our first expansion brought Boardgames In Bed to the show. Becky and Kelly’s biweekly podcast is a lovely look into their life with games. We also brought Eric Yurko of What’s Eric Playing? into the network as a collaboration partner. He participated in the Fellowship program and will continue to partner with us on various projects (and you’ll likely hear from him on our shows!). Today we’re announcing two more additions: Cardboard Vault and Metadaming.

Phobe and Mark are the team behind Cardboard Vault. They produce written and video content about smaller press or independent games you may not hear about anywhere else. As of this posting, their homepage includes a review of an edible games cookbook!

Metadaming is our 2018 Fellowship Awardee. It’s a 5th Ed Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play podcast, full of adventure and drama. We’re very excited to have them on the team and hope you check out the show and enjoy it as much as we do.

The response and applications to our fellowship blew us away. It was exciting to see how many amazing ideas are out there, and we wish we could have helped so many more. A big thanks to everyone who applied, and to everyone who has supported us to this point!

- The Inside Voice Family