Announcing the Inside Voices Media Fellowship

A year ago, Inside Voices was founded on the idea of bringing together content creators with the shared goal of helping to build a tabletop community for everyone.  Together we have strived to contribute to our shared goal through our own individual dialogs with the community, and with group projects such as last year’s GenCan’t Giveaway emphasizing the importance of gaming together.

As we reach the one-year mark, we are looking to spread the tabletop tent even wider by finding a new voice to add to this community via the Inside Voices 2018 Media Fellowship.  We want to help fund a new individual or group in the tabletop media space who will help bring our shared values of community, inclusivity, and fun to all. The IVM Fellowship is intended for first-time media producers in whatever medium they find most interesting, be it written work, a podcast, or a YouTube channel, or any other creative media.  We will be offering mentorship and support along the way as they get their work up and running with the goal of them joining the Inside Voices Family. The process will be anonymous, and we are not asking for any samples of work in order to avoid any bias towards previous experience. We're open to board gamers, RPG players, miniature wargamers, painters, and more! If it's tabletop related, we're interested.

Together we can build this community and spread our love for tabletop games and the people who play them.  Please consider applying now:

Applications due July 30th.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us, or our individual shows:

Inside Voices:
Ding & Dent:
Greatway Games:
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We want to sponsor your game night!

Gen Con is right around the corner and with it comes #GenCant, a social media community of gamers joining the fun right from their own home. We want to recognize and celebrate that community from wherever we are and so have partnered with the #GenCant team to run a giveaway. We want to see you and the people you game with! We'll pick a winner at random from all the entries and send you a sticker pack featuring logos from the shows, and also get in touch with you to send you a gift card to your favorite local food place so we can "host" your next game night!

To enter, share a picture of your game group with the hashtag #mygamegroup and make sure you tag @InsideVoicesNet so we can see it! After the convention we'll announce a winner and get in touch so we can send you stickers and so that you can let us know where you want your game night food to come from!